Why Not Get Your Own Truck Wrap

Why Not Get Your Own Truck Wrap

Truck wrap

If your vehicles have been leased or you just thought that painting your truck will just be far too expensive, truck wrapping might be the way for you! With a truck wrap, you can have the vehicle livery you have always dreamed of. So why not wrap or even just part wrap your vehicle to create an incredible livery that can be returned back to its original state with no fuss. Not only this but wrapping your truck actually protects the paint underneath from stone chips and uv rays so when you do decide to take your vinyl off, your truck will look just like it did before we wrapped it.

What Next?

If you do decide to get some vinyl on your truck then you can come in for a chat. We’ll talk you through your options, whether it be a full wrap, partial wrap or some simple vinyl stickers. Once you have chosen the best option for you, our designers here at Digital Revolution will design your graphics based on what you want and send you a visual for you to approve. Once you have received the visual, you can approve it or suggest some changes – it needs to be perfect after all. When it has all finally been approved, we will arrange a convenient time to book the installation.

Never stop promoting

The amount of vehicles being used for advertising is increasing everyday. With advertising on your vehicles, it offers a cost effective way of getting your business and brand out there. Your vehicle graphics are there 24/7 and cannot be turned off. Truck wraps or graphics can add a whole lot of advertising for your company or business – With a vehicle that size, it’d be hard to miss.


If you want to get your truck wrapped or just want to get a bit more information then don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to help.


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