Using Marathons as a Way of Marketing

Using Marathons as a Way of Marketing

No, we’re not suggesting you enter a marathon for the sole purpose of advertising your business, don’t panic. We’re merely suggesting some sneaky but very clever ideas that you can implement if there is a marathon in your area, which there potentially will be now the weather is warmer. It sounds obscure, but trust us, these methods are fool proof.
If you know someone who is running in a marathon, or you know someone who knows someone, the first thing to do is ask if they would mind wearing a t-shirt with your business logo on. Think of how many other runners there will be in attendance, plus friends and family too, not to mention news crews, local or national depending on the size of the marathon. That’s why the best place to start is with getting a runner to wear your t-shirt.

You can also ask the race organisers if you can have a business sign on the route, or if you can, ask friends and family to carry a banner with your business on the back and a support message on the front, that way the runners see the message to them and the rest of the crowd see the back, where all your business details are placed. If you know someone who lives on the race route, you could ask them to have a sign up in their windows or front garden displaying your business information. If you’re travelling to watch the race, or to support a runner, chances are public transport will be busy, so carry a tote bag or wear a shirt with your business logo on. Bored commuters are always looking round the carriage or bus for something, anything, to read to pass the time.
Bear in mind all the time, the placement of the TV crews and news reporters. Make sure you try to get a spot where they are filming; the finish line being the best place although this may be a little tricky considering how lucrative a spot it is. You may have to do a little gentle elbowing! Remember as well, that almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone or camera phone, and will likely be taking pictures to upload to blogs and social media. If your business logo is floating around in the background and it’s super eye-catching, then you’ve got an opportunity to be seen.

Of course, if you have looked into our services you will know we do vehicle graphics and again this is a great way to get noticed at a marathon. You could park up near the route in your wrapped vehicle and hand out bottles of water which are cheap enough to buy in bulk, or you could simply just park up and know that hundreds of people are going to be passing your advertisement! It’s all about thinking outside the box, which we love doing here at Digital Revolution. Taking hold of opportunities is what will get you ahead of your competitors; don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, go grab them and let us help you with our services to make the impression you give out the best possible!

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