Top Tips For Your Retail Signage

Top Tips For Your Retail Signage

If you want to operate a successful business that attracts valuable customers, then the first thing you need to do is get noticed – and as a retailer, you’ll know that starts with signage. Good quality retail signage is an easy yet effective way to create new customers and communicate with passers by.

How do signs play such an important role in retail? Your external signs should be able to grab the attention of people before they even enter your business. Internal signage should be clear and useful. Perhaps consider your retail signage your silent but best selling salespeople. Your signage should help your customers find there way around your shop without asking – saving your sales staff from constant basic questions.

Just like you have set standards of appearances and expectations for your employees, your signs should be set standards as well. The colour, visibility and quality play an important role in the success of a sign so a certain amount of development and consideration should be taken.

Retail Signage

Regardless of what sort of sign you decide to have, consider these top tips and you’ll be good to go:

Keeping it simple 

Short but sweet. Your signage should present a clear message as short as possible. Signs that contain too much information will more than likely be ignored. How to tell if your message is too long? Can you read it in 5 seconds? yes? then your fine. If you can’t read it in 5 seconds then try and shorten your message or have your message spread across multiple signs.


When you’re designing a sign make sure you include specific details that you find important to your business such as a certain location, instructions or relevant product information. Remember o keep in mind that your message should be short, try and be concise and simple at the same time with your message.


To make sure that both of the targets listed above have been met, imagine that your writing a headline for a newspaper, you want to be able to draw readers in with just one line, just like you want to draw your shoppers in with a short retail sign. In addition to this, you should be able to keep your shoppers interested with the information shown in your interior signage.

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