Top 5 Uses Of A Cherry Picker

Top 5 Uses Of A Cherry Picker

What exactly is a cherry picker?

Incase you don’t already know what a cherry picker is – it’s a type of aerial work platform that has a platform or bucket attached to the end of a hydraulic lifting system. It may be mounted onto a truck or van or on a self-propelled platform. Although originally designed to be used for fruit picking, this versatile piece of equipment is just as, if not more likely to be seen being used for fixing a telegraph pole as it is for picking fruit from trees. Safety is the most important factor to consider when caring out work above ground level. When using a cherry picker it means that the person carrying out the job can do so safety and security. A Cherry picker has a lot of uses and could be used to assist with any number of important jobs. Here are the top five:

Building Maintenance

Buildings quite often get dirty and need cleaning or painting. This being said, these buildings will require those given the task to work at great heights and very awkward angles. Many people think that ladders will be sufficient enough – wrong. Ladders don’t allow the worker to move around as easily. With a cherry picker, workers are given the ability to move and work securely especially when handling maintenance equipment or stretching to reach those awkward angles.

Filming events

When watching events on television, how do you think the swooping shots and high angles of the camera are filmed? Cherry pickers allow filming equipment can be placed high in the air to give you a bird’s eye view – literally. This allows you to see every angle of a performance which in our opinion is often better than being a member of the audience and seeing it live.

Fire services

All over the world, firemen risk their lives every day to rescue people trapped in a fire or other life threatening situations. Without the use of a cherry picker, they would not be able to bring those on upper floors to safety without using a ladder, which as pointed out before, don’t allow people to move around as easily – this would be essential to those trying to escape a burning building. A cherry picker means that multiple people can be rescues at the same time. It also means that firemen no longer have to risk injury lifting those who need assistance over their shoulder before returning to the ground as they can be placed into the cherry picker.

 Servicing telephone and electricity poles

There are millions of telephone and electricity poles all over the world and to keep them all maintained and repaired requires skilled workers. For anyone who works in this field, a cherry picker will be a regular part of their everyday work life, this is to make sure that they can reach the area that needs to be worked on.

Picking Fruit

Where do you think the name came from? We wouldn’t call it a cherry picker if it wasn’t used for picking cherries, right? Reaching fruit on high branches is now easy with the use of a cherry picker. There is no longer a danger of falling from tall heights. Not only is this versatile piece of equipment used to make people working with heights safer, cherry pickers also help make more money for fruit farmers as there is no longer a loss of fruit due to its unreachable location.


So there you have it, those were the top 5 uses of a cherry picker. By using a cherry picker, all of these tasks have been made safer and quicker. However, it is important to know that in order to be able to use a cherry picker, it is essential that a lot of training must take place. Areas such as general health and safety, machine operation, emergency control and limitations of use must be covered before anyone can use the machinery.




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