Three Main Branding Problems Keeping You from Doing Well

Three Main Branding Problems Keeping You from Doing Well

There are many reasons why your brand doesn’t succeed but three of the main ones are going to be looked at in today’s blog post. Making it past your first year as an independent business or small business can be tough but there are many out there in the big bad world who do succeed, and you can be one of them.

Differentiating yourself is key. You need to pick something about your brand and your business that makes you unique, that makes you stand out and will draw customers to you rather than your competitors. You must sell that uniqueness and sell it hard, don’t be afraid to “big yourself up”, as it were. There are many other companies out there who sell the same product as you, or a similar product, but as long as you come up with a hook line or something that your competitors don’t, you should have the building blocks of a good branding campaign.

Engagement with your audience is important. You must use social media effectively in this day and age, and this means detecting which social media platform your audience uses most. Is it Twitter? Facebook? If you’re a cosmetic company Instagram may be your best bet. Images are very powerful tools and so if you can showcase images on social media of your product or even videos you will have a great platform with which to really sell yourself. People trust what they can see with their own eyes, so simply describing a product or service in a rambling Facebook status isn’t going to do you any favours. People won’t sit and read a long status. They would rather watch an exciting video or see a well-styled photograph. You must reply to comments and such too. Don’t ignore enquiries about prices, direct those people to your website or reply with a smile emoji. It shows you value your customers and their interest.

You must be consistent with the message you give out. You may want to come up with fresh new ideas and offers to keep the interest there, but there are a lot of luxury brands who don’t deem this necessary. They would rather keep it simple, and remain true to their ethos which is usually something along the lines of ‘high quality items with timeless style which give endless opportunities for elegance’. Customers will part with their money when the brand gives them security and comfort, as well as consistent well made products every time that they love. Consistency is key.

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