Sometimes simple is better

Sometimes simple is better

When it comes to logo design, simple is sometimes better. Logos and branding, in this day and age, must be adaptable as they’re used in so many different ways. Sometimes it’s necessary to have more than one version, depending on what it will be used for. For example, Netflix have recently unveiled a brand new logo design for its app version. Instead of the full Netflix text, they’ve replaced it with a simple ‘N.’

More and more brands are adapting their logos for use on mobile devices, where space isn’t always in abundance and yet logos still have to stand out. This has seen an increase in more streamline, minimalistic approaches, with an array of companies opting for almost abstract designs.

It’s a huge step away from the skeuomorphic designs that used to dominate the design landscape and it’s easy to see why. We’ve moved into a mostly mobile world and so the needs and limitations of these devices must be met from a design standpoint.

Whilst it might seem counter intuitive, simple designs are often a lot bolder, more eye catching and get noticed more than more intricate, hyper-realistic icons. This makes them stand out from a busy home screen.

It’s something all the big brands are doing. Facebook has the iconic F. Twitter has the iconic bird. Now that Netflix has the N, they can claim iconic status too.

Simple designs work really well offline; particularly on small scale print like stationary but also for large scale advertising such as exhibition stands. Simple designs are perfect if you’re looking to stand out from a crowded convention hall.

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