Are Your Signs Making the Right First Impression?

Are Your Signs Making the Right First Impression?

They say that you only have a 7-second window upon meeting someone to make a first impression. I know right, such a cliché way to start a post? I bet you’re thinking how does this relate to signage? Well, if your signs are dirty, broken, faded or out-dated then potential customers might be thinking the same thing about you and how your business operates.

Is that a fairly loose statement? Let me put it into context. If I asked you to go and buy me a pie from a bakery that had dirty windows, a shop sign with missing letters and posters in the windows with words spelt wrong, or a shop which had a bright and clean shop front sign with window graphics displaying all the different products they sell, which one would you choose?

You don’t need to overthink your signs and have something complicated to have a dramatic impact so that it engages your customers. A lot of the time we actually find the simplest designs have the biggest WOW factor and will stand out for all the right reasons. But, it doesn’t matter how good a design is if the wrong materials have been used and the installation has been poorly carried out.

Here at Digital Revolution, we tend to carry out site surveys. When we come out to you we will discuss with you what signage you want, assess the site and what we would fix the sign to, measure up, check for any accessibility issues and also look at your electrics if needed. On top of this, we also check for any work permits that may be required and best times for installation.

We can also provide a full design service, so once a site survey has been carried out all the information is passed onto one of our in-house graphic designers who can create custom designs for your approval, which they will then send over to you as computer generated visuals for your approval.

We like to think that we can deliver a great service to all of our customers because of our knowledge, experience and skills within the signage industry.

If you’re on the hunt for a new sign or some ideas to refresh your current signage then don’t be afraid to get in touch and let us help you out!

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