The Most Common Signs of a Bad Sign

The Most Common Signs of a Bad Sign

So what exactly is a bad sign? A bad sign is a sign that doesn’t achieve the owners goals or doesn’t represent the quality of the business. A bad sign could be delivering a wrong or misleading message. What is it that makes a sign turn bad?

 Low quality design

First things first, if you have a bad quality sign, it will have a negative impact on your business. The best way to achieve a design that is perfect for your business would be to leave sign design to the professionals – We’re not kidding. Here at Digital Revolution we have designers who are more than happy to help you design a new sign.

Lack of Upkeep

We don’t just mean keeping a sign clean, although that does play a huge factor. We mean neglected signs, whether that is signs with missing letters, faded colours or lights burned out. A neglected sign says a lot about a company, and if we’re honest, none of it is good. Getting back to the cleaning of a sign, we recommend that your exterior signs should get cleaned every month or two, this is simply because it will help make your sign last longer, shine brighter, and attract more customers – now who doesn’t want that?

Hidden location

In order for a sign to be effective, it needs to be seen. No matter how good your sign is, if it is placed in the wrong location then it is a bad sign.  The same goes for a sign that is the wrong size, if a sign is too small or too large then it won’t deliver the message very well.

No Sign

 This may be pretty obvious. No sign is potentially the worst bad sign of all. Whether it’s no sign or not enough signs. A signs sole purpose is to share messages, and locate facilities. Signs help customers find their way and share valuable information, but they can’t help if they’re not there.

Are you in need of a new sign? if you are then get in touch today! Here at Digital Revolution we have a lot of experience in the signage industry. With that in mind, we promise to help you with every aspect of your sign.


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