How Signage Could Impact Your Business

How Signage Could Impact Your Business

Signage is a vital factor for any business – Whether you’re starting up a new business or just looking to bring in more customers. We can guarantee that the right signage will get your business striving.

Signage attracts 50 percent of startup’s new business¬†

Yes, you read that right. For companies just starting out, an average 50% of new business is brought in directly from signage. If you’re a new business and can’t decide if signage is worth your money, this alone should convince you. You don’t want to lose out of half of your potential customers. Could you really afford to?

A new sign could increase your revenue by 5 Percent 

If you’re not a new business, don’t worry you could still increase your revenue. as a consequent of adding a new or improved sign to a building, revenue could be increased by an average of 5 percent. So why not improve and build up your business by replacing an old sign above your door with

85 percent of your customers are within 5 miles of you

Your customers are sitting on your doorstep – literally. 85 percent of your potential customers either live or work with 5 miles of your premises, that means they pass your building quite often. By having a unique sign, a business will make a lasting impression, which will result in more customers walking through the door.

A lot of shoppers judge a book by its cover

Or should we say a shop by its sign. By having a sign that suits your company, you give an overall professional impression to passers by. Customers feel better about buying from companies who have quality signage: 67 percent of survey respondents said that sign quality influenced their purchase decisions. This means that the better your signage, the more customers you could be bringing in Рwhich is always a good thing.

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