Reinvent your office wall space

Reinvent your office wall space

Whilst the office is essentially just a place for work, many would argue that the look and feel of their work environment are of the upmost significance and are both the biggest factors that can affect an employee’s day to day morale and a client’s first impression of your company.

With regards to walls, they are generally pretty boring, have you ever really found yourself feeling inspired or captivated by a blank wall? With wall graphics you have the opportunity to change this and transform your walls into something a bit more interesting and potentially useful, here are a few ways you can use the space to your advantage:

Create brand awareness

Brand identity can incorporate whatever is found to be recognisable for your company, such as your logo, tagline’s, quote’s or colours. Using signage in an area of the office with high footfall, such as your reception area, can be a subtle but effective way of reminding people who you are and what you do.

Boost levels of creativity

A great way to encourage collaboration and creativity is to create distinct themes and areas through the use of wall graphics. For example, a themed break/rest room can help to create an allocated area for employee’s to relax and recharge, and help to towards encouraging them as they return back to their workstation with a fresh approach to their work.

Support your vision and values

Work environments have a major impact on how well employees or clients connect with the culture and brand of your company. Advertising key messages that highlight your vision can help to generate a better understanding of where your company is heading, reinforce its values and remind its employees how the company and its brand should be portrayed.

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