What Exactly Are The Purposes Of Signage?

What Exactly Are The Purposes Of Signage?

What exactly is the purpose of signage?

Or should we say are – there’s a lot of purposes of signage.

We all see signs literally every day – they’re becoming an essential part of life. You probably wouldn’t even think of the majority of the signs that we are faced with everyday as signage. For example, just by going to do some shopping, you’ll be confronted with the shop signs, sale signs and opening hours. Another example could be in the workplace where you’ll notice health and safety signs dotted about the place. Just by driving down the road, you’ll see road signs indicating which speed to drive at or directional signage. Overall, signage tends to serve a few related purposes. Below are a few useful purposes of signage.


Being honest, every business owner wants their business to be successful and it should start with signage. Signage is often used to help people recognise a brand or business. For example, fast food restaurants are instantly recognised for their branding and signage, we’re sure anybody could recognise the golden ‘M’ of McDonalds anywhere.

Advertising and marketing

Signs are a great way to get your business noticed. Companies and organisations all over the world are using signs to advertise their business and bring in new customers. We aren’t just talking about your average shop sign either, there are other signs that can be used  such as outside signage or even a building wrap. These have been tested and proved to be a successful way to advertise a brand. In addition to this, shop signage can draw in customers from outside using a window display or window graphics.

Health and safety

One of the most used ways of communicating health and safety information is through signage. This type of signage can be found anywhere from construction sites and offices to schools and nurseries.  Health and safety signs provide quick information and warnings about hazards or threats which are essential to safety.


Directional signage is an essential in everyday life. They help you find your way though shopping centres, hospitals and large buildings. When you have these signs around your building, not only will your customers and visitors be able to navigate around without getting lost but it will also reflect positively on your business.


Last but not least, the appearance. How it looks is a key purpose. Of course you want your business to look nice and who could blame you?


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