One colour to stay away from when advertising your business

One colour to stay away from when advertising your business

If you’re a new start up that is looking to make your first foray into any kind of advertising; or you’re an established business looking for a rebrand, there is one colour that you should stay away from, and that’s Pantone 448C or opaque couché.

Why? Well it’s been identified as the ugliest colour in the world.

This was discovered by the Australian government of all people. They commissioned a study to find the most unappealing colour that existed, so they could put it on their cigarette packets, in order to reduce the amount of people smoking in their country.

Researchers conducted seven separate studies with over 1,000 smokers, over the course of a three-month period.

The results threw up the unfortunate Pantone 448C as the losing colour and taking a look at it, it’s easy to see why…


How would you describe this colour? How does it make you feel? Participants of the study referred to it as “tar-like” and “dirty.” Someone even described it as “death” so there’s that…

Some other runner-up colours that almost claimed the top spot, but didn’t quite make it on the repulsive scale included beige, mustard and medium olive.

The shocking thing is that now the Australian government have switched their cigarette packages to this colour and it’s actually worked! Other governments, including our own, are looking to roll out the same, to cut the smoking habits of their countries.

So if you’re looking for the perfect colour for your vehicle wrapping, exhibition stands or signs in Manchester, please, stay away from this one.

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