Matte Or Gloss Finish – How To Make A Decision

Matte Or Gloss Finish – How To Make A Decision

Should you get a matte or gloss wrap?

When you’re thinking of getting a vehicle wrap, one of the most important factors to consider is the colour, the last thing you want is to be driving around in an ugly or bad colour. The finish of the wrap is almost just as important.

Comparing matte and gloss finish wraps may seem unnecessary when you’re just looking to add it to your fleet of vehicles, but we can guarantee, in many ways it’s actually worth considering. When you look at a glossy wrap, you’ll think it’s more traditional when compared with matte but sometimes matte can in fact be more engaging and eye-catching.

Thinking about it logically, a gloss wrap mimics the look of a paint finish that is used on most vehicles. It has a shiny, reflective surface and even glistens in the sun. Whereas matte on the other hand, does not reflect any light and has a sort of flat look to it.

If what you are looking for is a more traditional look, then we recommend that you stick to a gloss finish. If you’re looking to standout from the crowd then a matte wrap is the way to go. Even though matte wraps are more often used for personal vehicle wraps, they are more likely to stand out from other companies as the majority of companies use gloss rather than matte – who knows you could even start a trend.

All in all, matte and glossy finishes have different purpose in the world of wrapping, but used correctly, either one can be highly successful for your company. For any help deciding on what finish would look best for your colour scheme, don’t hesitate to contact us! We love working with our customers to help them create a wrap that fits their companies brand and image perfectly.

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