Looking For A Dance Floor To Hire? Look No Further

Looking For A Dance Floor To Hire? Look No Further

If you’re throwing a party and want to out do your last, then why not hire a dance floor? With a dance floor you can add a touch of class to any type of event. We guarantee it will give your guests something to talk about – even long after the celebration is over.

When it comes to dance floor hire in Manchester and Cheshire, we know the best – Luminate Events. They know exactly how to make your event a truly memorable and special day.


They have three different types of dance floors to choose from that will help you make your event even more special.

The dance floors they have to offer are:

Black LED

A black LED dance floor boasts sleek. It has a beautiful black gloss finish and contains hundreds of white individual twinkling lights embedded within. Enough to catch anybody’s eye. A black LED dance floor is the perfect choice for formal parties and events as it creates an ideal space for your guests to dance with a real party feel in many venues across Manchester and Cheshire.

White LED

With each panel adorned with crisp white, twinkling LEDs , a white LED dance floor is guaranteed to set the perfect mood for that first wedding dance and offers a beautiful up-light effect creating a magical scene that will give any wedding photo the most perfect background.

Black and White

Not only are the black and white panels the most cost effective solution, but when you have shiny black and white squares at your event, they will offer a classical, retro look to your event. Stylish and sleek, black and white dance floor will stand out to your guests.


All of their dance floors can be supplied in a wide range of sizes to suit your event size and venue specifications. All dance floors will be setup and removed by a highly-trained team – saving you any trouble on your big day. At Luminate Events, they are completely flexible meaning they can setup and remove the dance floor at any time you request to ensure it does not interrupt your event.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote then contact Luminate Events today.

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