A Guide To The Perfect Wall Graphics

A Guide To The Perfect Wall Graphics

Have you ever thought about getting wall graphics but the thought of getting them just right is daunting? Don’t panic. We’re here to help. Your building says a lot about your business and the best way to make a lasting impression is with interior decor. You’ll want to decide on some graphics that reflects the quality of your business. Your graphics should make your customers feel comfortable and relaxed whilst in your building. Here at Digital Revolution, we’re more than happy to help you create wall graphics that reflect your business perfectly.

What you should consider when choosing the right wall graphics

Here at Digital Revolution, our graphic designers are more than happy to work with you to figure out an exact design that ticks all the required boxes. But first, there are certain rules that you should consider in the final design you choose. Here’s a quick guide on the basics of deciding on the wall graphic best suited for your facility.

  • Colour

    First things first, colour. Colour draws in attention, catches peoples eyes and gets your graphics noticed. This being said, you should choose your colour carefully and make sure your colour scheme matches your brand. Or you might want something that compliments the color scheme you already have within your brand. When choosing the right graphics, just keep in mind that too much of any color can be overwhelming and contrast can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.


    When considering where to place your wall graphics, you should choose carefully. You don’t want to spend time and money designing the perfect image if you’re going to put them in a place where they won’t even get seen. You also don’t want to place it somewhere that overwhelms your customers. Make sure that your wall graphics are on the best wall to display your personality.


    When deciding on a purpose, you will determine the qualities of your graphics. You should identify exactly what it is that your images to do and then place them appropriately. For example, if you’re wanting a wall graphic for a meeting room where you give presentations to clients, you’ll want something that looks impressive but isn’t distracting enough to draw your attention or the attention of your audience away from what is being discussed. If your image is for your waiting area or entrance, a distracting, lively and brightly coloured design might be exactly what you want in order to keep your visitors from getting bored while they wait.


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