Funny design fails

Funny design fails

We’ve previously blogged about the best way to tackle your logo design, following the three R’s of quality logo design. However, some people have clearly not gone down that route, judging by these funny design fails that Bored Panda have collected for our enjoyment.

We selected some of our favourites to share with you all which we think, highlights the importance of carefully creating the graphics that you use to promote your business, or even better, leaving it to the professionals.




Your colour scheme is extremely important in relation to the context it’s in. For example, this bathroom design doesn’t exactly scream cleanliness.





fail 2



When you get married, it signals the death of your life as a single person but also celebrates the next stage in your life, where you’ll begin your journey with your partner by your side. Unless you’re the couple on this wedding card who just seem to have hung themselves…









We’ve all lost a golf ball in the bushes when we’ve played a couple of holes. Good luck finding this particular golf ball though.






Now we’re not claiming to be biologists here at Digital Revolution. But we’re pretty sure that these guys are only supposed to have one nose, no?









The design on this packet of herbal, weight loss tea, is supposed to show a happy woman, using the scales and smiling at the number she sees. But it doesn’t look like that does it.








We do love a good play around with text, but somehow we think the IT Technology Information Department have got this a little wrong…



So there you have it! We thought we’d bring you some smiles and laughter to this pretty dreary Thursday, ready for the bank holiday weekend ahead. And also remind you to carefully consider your design ideas before you send them off to be printed… If you’re looking for a place that does quality graphics in Manchester give us a call.

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