What Fonts Should You Avoid When It Comes To Signage?

What Fonts Should You Avoid When It Comes To Signage?

Here at Digital Revolution, we know a lot about signage and along with that, we know what does and doesn’t work in the signage industry. From colours to sizes and fonts, we have a lot of experience in what works best. With this being said, we’re going to talk you through three fonts that we would recommend never using in your signage.

Comic Sans

This is one of the most misused fonts of all times. Comic San was created in the nineties for use in comic dialog and children’s books and posters, with this in mind, it has a very childish theme to it, this will give a sign a less professional look, meaning people are less likely to take your business seriously. In addition to this, the sizing is not evenly distributed which makes it harder to read, this will draw less attention to your building or advertisement as your potential customers will have difficulty reading it at a simple glance.


In all honesty, it looks ugly and just like comic sans, it looks very unprofessional. This font shows many signals of being a bad design, for example it’s not functional as it is extremely difficult to read, this means you cannot make a good first impression. even though it is hard to head, it is still overused – believe it or not. Granted, it can look cute and girly which may be perfect for something like a school bake sale but not when you’re trying to advertise your own business.

Bradley Hands

Bradley Hands is one of the most popular handwritten-style fonts. While handwritten fonts can add personality to writing, more often than not they come off as tasteless and inauthentic, which can end up saying more about your taste than it can about the written content – it’s probably best to avoid any kind of handwritten fonts when designing your signage.


If you need help finding the right font for you and your signage then get in touch today and speak to one of our graphics designers.


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