Exhibition Essentials

Exhibition Essentials

Here at Digital Revolution we design, produce and install exhibition stands and other marketing materials on a regular basis. We’ve put this post together which includes all the materials that we think are ESSENTIAL for any business that is taking part in an exhibition.

#1 Exhibitions Stands

An exhibition stand, certainly your own, should never blend in. It’s important that the design of your exhibition stand is up to scratch. The design needs to be engaging, eye-catching and also professional, as well as containing all the correct and relevant information. It’s important to remember how big they are in size, so you’ve got a lot of printable space to play with to grab the attention of passers-by.

#2 Pop-Up Roller Banners

Even though pop-up roller banners aren’t as big as exhibition stands, they can still make a great impression and compliment your display. Roller banners and exhibition stands are made to work together, so when planning the design for your exhibition stand also take into account the part your roller banners will play and how you could use them to their best advantage.

#3 Flyers or Leaflets

Don’t let anyone forget you! A flyer or leaflet is a great piece of marketing material which you can use to showcase your products or services. The design is key here because by the end of the day everyone is going to have a pile of flyers, magazines and other marketing materials, and you don’t want yours to be forgotten about.

#4 Business Cards

You’ve spent a day at an exhibition speaking with and getting to know a whole host of prospects, don’t let that go to waste! You want to make sure they can get into contact with you directly if they want to, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got a stack of business cards with you.

#5 Point of Sale 

What’s the point investing in marketing materials for them to lackluster? Your point of sale is something that is completely bespoke to your business. It’s an additional little something to show off your products to services and help close the deal. Some examples include display units and flags.

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