Advertising via car wrapping can create an ROI

Advertising via car wrapping can create an ROI

Provided it is done properly, car wrapping is an incredibly cost effective way to promote your brand or business to thousands of people day in day out. Depending on what you’re promoting, not all the people that are exposed it are potential customers but a lot of them will be, and that’s just where it begins.

To add to that fact, the masses of people that view the car wrap will be what marketers call a “captive audience.” Meaning they inevitably see and register the message of the advertising before they have the chance consciously decide whether or not they want what you are selling.

Large companies such as Marks & Spencer’s with pockets deeper than the Pacific Ocean spend millions every year on TV advertising. If you think about it, it’s effectively the equivalent to car wrap advertising. The viewers may not be interested in what they are offering but nonetheless they are registering the message of the advert in between watching their TV program. Similarly, other road users and pedestrians won’t be actively looking for car wrap advertising but they will see it and remember it.

If you’re not already convinced to get your car wrapped, here are some statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of Great Britain:

  • A persuasive endorsement of the effectiveness of Outdoor comes from the continued growth in advertising revenue.
  • In 1998, 83% of the UK’s Top 100 Advertisers used Outdoor and by 2006 this had increased to 95%.
  • Since 1998, Outdoor’s revenue has grown by 66%.
  • In 2006 revenue reached £932.5m.
  • Outdoor is the fastest growing traditional medium in the UK.
  • Importantly, for the first time, in Q3 and Q4 2006 Outdoor’s share of display advertising revenue just topped the 10% level.
  • Share for the whole of 2006 was 9.7%.


If you are now convinced that car wrapping will generate a return on investment, contact us today and we’ll help you make it happen.

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