Cheap, 24/7 advertising with vehicle graphics

Cheap, 24/7 advertising with vehicle graphics

Advertising is a massive part of running a business and without it, most businesses tend to fail. It’s common sense of course that, if no one knows about your business, no one can engage with it. So how do you make sure your business is noticed? Advertising of course.

Advertising comes in all shapes and sizes and of course, different costs. Some are affordable for smaller businesses, but don’t offer the same expose as other costlier ventures; which are often sadly out of reach for smaller companies.

For example, a 30-second radio advertisement that runs for a week costs around:

  • £500 on a local station
  • £2,500 on a regional station
  • Upwards from £10,000 on a national station

And that’s without factoring in the production costs of the actual radio advert.

Whilst we keep hearing about the death of print, it still costs a bomb to get an advert in a newspaper. A local newspaper (no matter the quality) will charge no less than £250 for a quarter page advertisement whilst a full page, colour ad in a national newspaper such as The Daily Mail can cost around, an eye-watering £30,000.

TV spots range in price depending on the time of day, and what channel, and you can pay anything from £100 per spot to £60,000. But spending that much money when you have no control over people actually seeing your ad can be risky.

But you must advertise for the sake of your business.

Vehicle graphics offer a low-cost alternative to advertising your business whilst giving you full control. Customising your vehicle with your company logo and information means you can advertise whenever and wherever you like. Once you take away the initial cost of the vehicle graphics, it’s free!

People will see your vehicle when they’re out and about, and you’re out and about, meaning your company or brand will be engaging with it. To find out more about our vehicle graphics in Manchester, contact us today 0161 962 1950.

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