How brand guidelines can help your business

How brand guidelines can help your business

Brand guidelines should be at the heart of any business and can be the difference between a good company, and a great one.

Brand guidelines, sometimes referred to as style guides or brand manuals, are effectively a way for you to define your business; setting you apart from your competitors. Your specific brand guidelines will be at the core of everything you do, helping you to make decisions and informing your progression as a business. Working like a roadmap, your brand identity can clearly guide you and help you work in the most efficient way.

So what are brand guidelines? Examples include:

Your company values and ethos

Specific brand message i.e. writing style and tone of voice

Colour scheme and design themes (including types of imagery used)

Font and type style

Marketing strategy

Logo design and usage

By identifying your unique take on the above, you can really create your own, individual brand style which will allow customers to easily identify you and separate you from the herd.

As we mentioned, these guidelines will be at the core of everything you do as a business and this includes the way you promote, advertise or just highlight your brand. When you’re creating things like signs for your company, this is the perfect opportunity to advertise your business in the way you want. A noticeable and high quality sign can do wonders for your brand and is a great way to effectively advertise your business.

When we’re creating signs in Manchester for our clients, we always like a detailed brief which includes their brand guidelines, so we can create the perfect product which accurately reflects their business.

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