The Best Uses Of Wall Graphics In Your Home

The Best Uses Of Wall Graphics In Your Home

As you’re probably well aware, wall graphics are becoming increasingly popular and not just in the business industry. People all over the world are buying graphics for their homes. When decorating with wallpaper you have to taking hours on end hanging it up, not to mention having the headache of trying to match your wallpaper to the the previous drop. Of course you could skip out on this hassle by paying the colossal price of hiring a decorator. With wall graphics you don’t have any hassle or hefty charges.

When using our quality vinyl, our wall graphics are extremely easy to apply – even if you’re not an expert. Plus you don’t need a fancy tool kit in order to apply them, all you need is a card. To apply your graphics, all you need to do is peel off the sticker and attach it to your chosen surface, then you need to use something with a flat edge (we recommend a card or some kind) to remove any air bubbles underneath the sticker and it’s done. It really is that easy.

You can used wall graphics literally anywhere. Below we’re going to talk about what we think are the best uses of wall graphics in any home and where to put them.


The entrance of your house is what your guests see first and last when visiting your home so why not leaving a lasting impression. Make any guest feel welcome in your home with a simple “Welcome” sign. Or why not add an image of a tree or a bird – something simple to catch anybody’s attention, for the right reasons of course.


If you’re one known for hosting tea parties or always having guests round for dinner then applying graphics in your kitchen will be perfect for you. Not only will you make your guests envious with your stylish kitchen but you can also tailor them to suit you and your personality. You could add quotes to make your mouth water, food quotes or even some simple coffee cups or wine glasses.

Our favourite quotes that are perfect for any kitchen are:

“Where there’s tea, theres hope” and “Wake up and smell the coffee”


If you want your bedroom to resemble who you are then what’s better than getting your very own personalised graphics? Whether you want to add a quote to add some personality, some flowers to cheer up the room or simply some sheep to help you fall asleep at night, wall graphics are your best option. Not only an you get graphics indoor own room but they are perfect for children bedrooms. You could apply your child’s favourite cartoon characters, a quote from their favourite film or even some farmyard animals.

In our opinion, we think the best quotes for any bedroom are:

“A well spent day brings happy sleep”  and “Once upon a time”







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