The Benefits of Branding Your Stationery

The Benefits of Branding Your Stationery

When it comes to executing the branding of your business, your mind will probably wander straight over to the thoughts of wall graphics, vehicle wrapping and eye-catching signage. Of course, these are all crucial elements within any company’s branding campaign, but you should also consider the effects of branding your company stationery could have.

This is a branding technique that can be easy to forget, what with the emphasis sometimes put on artistic signs and responsive web design, but it’s the little things like stationery branding that can really set you apart from the competition. We’re here at Digital Revolution to run you through some of the key benefits of branding your stationery.

  1. It Looks Professional

Let’s be honest, if you receive correspondence from a company on a standard letterhead, you might start to wonder just how reliable their business is. It looks a little cheap, unprofessional and impersonal, and it gives off the impression that the company may not be well established or dependable. This could ultimately lead to putting off clients or customers, and in the end could prove detrimental to your business.


However, effective graphic design on your stationery items helps your company to maintain a consistent brand image, and therefore a more professional persona. You will become more reliable in the eyes of your business associates, and you’ll be simultaneously giving out branded giveaways that not only show that you value their custom, but will also make them think of you again whenever they use that piece of stationery.


  1. It’s A Great Investment

Investing in some stationery branding will pay off massively for your business. When you compare this type of branding to the alternatives out there, the cost is unquestionably very low. Ultimately, stationery branding offers a very good return on an extremely low investment. The consistency of your brand image throughout your stationery items will help to keep associates or clients engaged with your brand, which will help keep your brand incredibly strong.


  1. Makes You Stand Out

No matter what line of business your company is in, you most likely find yourself in the middle of a crowded marketplace. With a lot of business, it seems that they like to copy each other as closely as they possibly can- for example, they’ll have the same business operations. This is solely down to company’s wanting to mirror the success that their competitors have had, and they are frightened to try anything new in case it doesn’t work. Branded stationery helps to strengthen your overall brand image, and therefore differentiate you from the competition.

At Digital Revolution, we provide a number of branding solutions for your business, including stationery branding. We also offer vehicle wrapping and wall graphics across Manchester– please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for more information on the services that we provide.

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