3 Of The Most Common Myths About Vehicle Wraps

3 Of The Most Common Myths About Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps and graphics are becoming one of the most economical marketing options in the business market. Considering digitally printed graphics are a new marketing alternative, there are lot of varied opinions out there that may not be accurate as they make out. When it comes to vehicle wraps, there are a lot of conflicting opinions on what vehicles should or should not be wrapped, whether wrapping your vehicle damages the paint, and what to think about the marketing or investment value.  To make an educated decision and  keep your business assets protected, you first need to know what information is believable and which “facts” are false.

To make sure that you know everything you need to know about vehicle wraps, we’ve identified the most common myths below.

Vehicle wraps are expensive and not worth the investment

In all honesty, this is simply down to the individual. It will also be impacted by how much the business uses the vehicle and how far the vehicle will travel. Most vehicle wrap companies will always tell you how great vehicle wraps are compared to the traditional advertising such as a newspaper article, print and radio this isn’t just because they want you to get your vehicle wrapped with them , its because its true.

If you were comparing costs based on a per impression basis then a vehicle wrap will win each time, this is because once your vehicle has been wrapped, it will stay wrapped until the time you decide to take it off or change it, this means that there will be no on-going media costs. In addition to this, you don’t have to pay for air time or advertising space because your vehicle will deliver your entire message for you.


You’re not supposed to wrap a leased vehicle as it can damage the paint

Why not? Wrapping leased vehicles is more common than you think. A lot of companies who lease their business or fleet vehicles are still able to get their vehicles wrapped. This being said, you must always read your lease agreement to find out whether or not you are able to get your vehicle wrapped as every dealership is different. Leased vehicles are wrapped all over the country without getting any damage to the vehicle or the paint job, in fact, getting a vehicle wrapped can actually protect the paint underneath.

If the paint on a vehicle is fully cured and in a good condition, a vinyl wrap will prevent abrasion from dirt, particles and resins, exposure to UV rays, and other environmental elements. Within a company, a vehicle is an asset and preventing them from getting damaged is an extremely important responsibility.

Here at digital revolution we always performs a pre-wrap inspection of any vehicle.  During this inspection we will note any areas where the paint is damaged or compromised.  Removing graphics from these areas may damage the paint even more. If you know where these areas are before the inspection, you can make the decision to go ahead with your wrap or not.


It is Unsafe to Put Graphics on Vehicle Windows

Window vinyl is not the same as regular vinyl. With window vinyl is perforated with tiny holes that allow you to see through the graphics easily. For safety reasons, the front windshield, the front driver and passenger windows must not have any vinyl applied to them. Usually it is perfectly fine to apply window graphics to the rear windshield and rear passenger windows. With window graphics, the more vertical the window, the easier it will be to see through.


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