3 Big Basic Branding Tips For Your Business

3 Big Basic Branding Tips For Your Business

Effective branding can make or break a business. It can make customers think of you whenever they see particular images or colours, which can ultimately make it simpler for you to sell a product or to create conversions. A great piece of branding will reflect your business’ purpose, personality and will also sum up your company’s beliefs and values. In short, effective branding will attract customers and clients.

But where do you start? You know you need your brand to stand out and that it needs to be unique. You also know the purpose of your business and its target market. The only problem is that you have no idea how to get started with the branding of your company. You might want vehicle wrapping, personalised stationery and attractive signs- but, before any of that, you need to nail down your brand’s identity.

Well, we’re here at Digi Revolution to give you our top 3 tips for basic, yet effective, branding for your business.

  • Consistency

If you want your brand to be recognised by the general public, then it needs to be consistent across the board. There’s no point having warm colours on your signs, and then cold colours on your vehicle wrappings, for example. Customers need to understand what your business does and how it can benefit them as consumers, and so it’s crucial that you maintain your consistency throughout the branding process. Think about the biggest brands out there- we expect these brands to reliably deliver results because we know that they’ve done so in the past.


  • Purpose

Okay, so let’s keep thinking about those big brands for a moment. Let’s take Coca-Cola as an example- we are all fully aware of the purpose of Coca-Cola, we know what they provide and why they provide it, and this is all down to their branding strategy. When you create a brand, you are making a promise to your customers to deliver on the service you are saying you can provide, and that your brand is superior to any of your competitors.


Obviously, your customers need to know what your company does, and this can be simple enough to get across in your branding. However, the real trick to effective branding is telling people why you do what you do. Customers appreciate brands that have other aspirations other than just making money, so whether it’s making people’s mornings a little easier or creating a better everyday life for people, your purpose needs to come across in your branding.


  • Flexibility

The world we live in is changing by the day, and it can be difficult for some businesses to keep on top of it. However, this is key to operating a successful branding campaign, which is difficult when you also have to remain consistent in your branding.


Flexible branding means that you are able to make little changes here and there to fit in with the evolving world. This will ultimately generate interest in your brand and keep you one step ahead of your competitors. Staying flexible could involve a new website, a new TV advert or new product names- anything that could potentially tap into new customer markets and spice up your business.

Here at Digi Revolution, we are the experts when it comes to designing and executing a successful branding strategy. We offer a range of different branding services, such as vehicle wrapping and signs within the Manchester and Cheshire areas. If you require any further details as to the services that we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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