Benefits of Using Electric Roller Shutters

Roller shutters, have been trusted for many years to protect shops and now homes.

Known for their noise, thermal andĀ even fire insulation properties, these doors barely need an introduction.

However, through the years, technology has advanced to where our homes are becoming more and more connected through the Internet of Things. A recent story in the Guardian shows how close we are to the concept that was initially launched in 1989. With home appliances getting smarter, interacting with us and ‘learning’ our preferences, how soon till we can have self-unlocking shutter and garages?

Turns out, not that long.

While many add-ons are available to allow you unlock your front door from a distance, roller shutters have been slower to adopt this tech.

Electric roller shutters have opened up a new world of possibilities to homeowners.

In recent years, the introduction of three components to electric roller shutters has increased their functionality, especially for use in homes.

Remote Control.

We all know that the right shutter can filter the light coming in to keep the room in shade or open fully to flood it with light. How about being able to do this from a distance of up to 20ft away?

With a radio transmitter fitted, your shutters can be controlled wirelessly with an all-access remote control. With one remote, you can control the shutters in your home, either in groups and individually.

In some cases, one remote can be configured to also work on ALL motorised openings in your home, including your garage doors. Some remotes allow individual slats to be lifted or lowered allowing just the right amount of light and heat into any room.


By incorporating a timer into an electric roller shutter, you can adjust the opening based on the time of day. This is particularly useful if you are going away and want the house to look occupied.

The technology even allows you to program the opening or closing of your shutters. The programmable clock can be used to open and close the shutters, to look like the home is occupied, thus providing a deterrent to opportunistic burglars.


Remember their insulation properties? How about not having to move from room to room adjusting the shutters as the sun moves or as the temperature rises? Electric shutters with light and temperature sensors can be programmed to automatically open and close shutters depending on the ambient temperature.

These controls allow you pre-program your favourite shutter position in different rooms at different times.

Now combine these functions into one central point. With most of us carrying one type of smartphone or the other, there is now app functionality for controlling the shutters. An app on your phone can be used to replace the remote.

Whether its via smartphone or tablet, the IOT is coming closer to home. App functionality via phones and tablets allow control over virtually every gadget in the home.

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