Terms & Conditions

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Payment Terms

First orders with Digital Revolution require full payment before production can commence (unless an alternative is agreed beforehand).

Payments can be made via BACS, cheque, cash or card (3% charge for credit cards).

Future orders would revert to our standard payment terms of a 50% deposit with the remainder payable on completion or full payment on completion of the work. Payment terms would be at the discretion of the Project Manager or company directors.

Proof Reading

All agreed final designs MUST BE PROOF READ by you. Mistakes in spelling or design that were approved would not be our responsibility and any costs incurred to rectify would be charged to you.

All final designs can be made available in high resolution format should you wish to see and approve fine details before production.


All vehicles due for graphics or wrap fitment must be delivered to Digital Revolution clean and ready for graphic/wrap application. Vehicles that need to be cleaned by us would incur a charge of £15.00 for cars and £20.00 for vans.


Digital Revolution print in CMYK on a large format digital printer or a standard lithographic printer. All printers produce slightly different colours so if you require a specific colour this must be requested before anything goes to print. We can produce colour samples for approval at on all large format digital prints. Pantone colours can be added to lithographic prints however these are an additional cost per colour.
Any issues with colours not reported before production will not be our responsibility and and reprint costs would be charged to you.


All designs are custom and so may have to be altered slightly to aid with correct fitment. Any changes would be minimal and would only be done to achieve the best results on the completed product.

All vehicle templates shown are not a 100% perfect representation of the vehicle in it size and shape therefore minor changes could be required to make the graphics fit correctly.

Intellectual Property

Until agreed & purchased all design work (logos, layouts, etc) are property of Digital Revolution Print and Design Ltd.

Use of these designs without consent may result in legal action.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]