One Way Vision Film

Digital Revolutions one-way vision film adds a classy touch to any business whilst increasing privacy of restricted areas and portraying a message or promotion. One-way vision film is an ideal addition to a manager’s office as it adds privacy while still enabling you to see what’s occurring in the adjacent rooms.

One Way Vision Tint

One way vision film is a perforated vinyl film which is great if you want to see out but restricts vision in. It is mostly used on vehicle windows but is available for buildings and can obscure premises that may be untidy or is unsuitable for the public eye this allows one way vision and provides a large scale advertising medium.

Installations can include large glass areas (car showrooms) one way vision film can be manufactured and fitted quickly. I can be the perfect solution when you need to temporarily obscure an area for an event or for new sales promotions. When designing graphics most modular glass or windowed areas are covered. Designers use different areas of an installation using different colours to provide an effective illustrated message. This one way vision film can attract the eye of the passers by.

It can be made from any large graphics you have in mind such as a branded design on a wall or a vehicle graphic. We can provide full colour designs to create an attractive addition to your window space whilst giving you one-way vision through the window area.

Why Choose Digital Revolution?

Our one-way vision film protects the privacy of a room and eliminates computer screen glare while cutting down on energy bill and displaying a promotional offer or business logo.

Eliminate Computer Screen Glare

Add Privacy

Hassle-Free Installation

Expert Advice on Design and Placement

Fantastic Aftercare Service

Cuts Down Energy Bills

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