Monolith Signs

Monolith signs, also known as totem signs are large, free-standing signs that make a real mark on your business due to their high visibility. Monolith signs can also be illuminated to give them that extra appeal at night time and during the Winter months.

Monolith Totems

The monolith signs that we produce can be single-sided, double-sided, flat, curved, triangle or if you want something completely bespoke, our team can work with you to create the perfect design.

External Monoliths catch the viewers eye and project company branding and logos as strong, vertical signage sticking out of the ground. This can be prominent company signage that emphasises an entrance way or isolated signage that is placed on the perimeter of your site to guide road traffic and pedestrians.

The best thing about a monolith sign is that there is no limit to the size. If you decide to get an extra large sign then planning permission may be required.

Our experience includes working with business parks and large shops to produce complex monoliths with multiple brands for all the companies present on the sight. We can procure all third party artwork and walk clients through every step of the process to ensure any new monolith signage exceeds expectations.

When a monolith is used it is important that it is able to withstand general weathering and potential abuse from vandalism. All of our monolith signs comply to industry installation standards and are always made from the best fit materials for the job.

Why Choose Digital Revolution:

We know how much of an impact monolith signs can make on your business so understand the importance in perfection and work with you until this is achieved.

Large, High-Impact Signage

Can be Illuminated

Free Standing

Bespoke Design

Aftercare and Professional Advice Through the Design Process

A Variety of High Quality Materials

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